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13th June 2021 
Horses and Dogs. horse

Osteopathic treatment for animals

Horses and dogs (and other animals) can be susceptible to similar physical stresses and strains that affect humans. in the same way, the animals self-healing, self-regulating mechanism may become compromised and they may not be acting or performing in their normal way, and to their full potential. Osteopathic assessment using a highly developed sense of touch/palpation may be able to help identify any areas of tension and changes in tissue quality. Gentle, subtle osteopathic treatment may help the animal release any areas of tension and restore a better state of balance within the body.

In the treatment of animals, Osteopathy is a complementary form of treatment and does not take the place of veterinary care.

The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 states that permission must be granted from a registered veterinary surgeon before an animal can receive any complementary physical or manipulative therapy, including osteopathy.

I will send a consent form to your Veterinary Surgeon for them to sign before osteopathic treatment commences. If necessary the animal’s problems and past medical history will be discussed with the Veterinary Surgeon prior to treatment. A written report can be sent, on request, following treatment.

Assessment would include taking a full case history including the presenting issues, past medical history, and aggravating and relieving factors. I would then observe the animal moving, followed by palpating their body, head and limbs, to assess joint movement and tissue quality to help me discover any changes in function within the animal's musculoskeletal system. I would discuss my findings with the client and if I considered the animal suitable, then I would commence treatment. If I had any reservations about my findings then I would refer the animal back to the veterinary surgeon concerned for further investigations.

Please contact me on 07789 518356 or e-mail [email protected] to discuss individual cases, and whether osteopathy may help them.