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9th June 2023 
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Alison O'Dochartaigh & Merlin Kennett ~ Osteopathy & Cranial Osteopathy in Tanygroes, Near Cardigan, Ceredigion.

Welcome to Osteopathy in Tanygroes, Cardigan (10 mins. north of the town centre). Treatment in a purpose built, ground-floor room with parking right outside.

As Covid continues to grumble on........and on........ please be assured that all our infection control procedures will continue including; our facemasks, screening patients prior to their appointment, ventilating and disinfecting the room and asking all people over 11 years of age to wear a mask. If you have a medical exemption please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you.
We are following guidelines from the General Osteopathic Council, the Institute of Osteopathy, PHW and the government for PPE and infection control.

Despite these measures we, obviously, can’t completely eliminate transmission of the virus and will completely understand if you would prefer to postpone appointments until things are more settled.

If you want to have a chat before you come in we would be happy to speak to you.
Thank you once again for all your support x

***Osteopath Merlin Kennett is also now treating animals***

Merlin will be working here in Tanygroes (with human patients!) on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesdays.

Merlin is a fully qualified Osteopath, he completed his Masters degree (MOst) in 2021 at Swansea University. He is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. During his four years at university and since graduating, Merlin has treated a broad range of conditions, both chronic and acute with great success and has developed a particular interest in treating neck pain.
Merlin uses a wide range of Osteopathic techniques including soft tissue massage, mobilisation and manipulation to treat adults.

Merlin grew up on a small farm in Tresaith and has a wide and varied selection of interests and hobbies. When not treating patients Merlin can be found working on his parents farm, horse riding along the local beaches, surfing, or making wooden bowls on his lathe. Sport has also played a big part in Merlin’s life, in fact, it was a sporting injury he sustained as a teenager that first sparked Merlin’s interest in Osteopathy.

Having experienced the benefits of Osteopathy on his own horse’s performance, Merlin has completed his training and is now qualified in Animal Osteopathy - to book an animal treatment appointment with Merlin please contact him directly on 07931 541948.

Booking appointments:
When you book your appointment with either Alison or Merlin you will receive a confirmation email with details of the appointment, directions to get here and a link for the data protection (GDPR) form for you to fill in and sign online.
The day before your appointment you will receive a reminder email which will contain the link for the Covid screening questionnaire which you will need to fill in and sign before you come in for your treatment.

There will be no waiting room availability so we ask if you could please wait in your car until we come and get you. There will be an extra 15 minutes between appointments to ensure that we have time to fully ventilate the room, wipe down all surfaces, and mop the floor between patients.

If you could come in with as few items as possible please, it will make the cleaning easier. You can put your keys, phone and wallet etc on the desk in the treatment room. We will ask you to wash or sanitise your hands and put a mask on when you arrive. We will provide you with a medical grade mask to wear during your time in the clinic.

We will be wearing a mask and will, as always, be washing our hands regularly too and possibly wearing gloves.
There will be a vinyl cover on the couch and we will provide a fresh pillow case for each patient. There is now an electric blanket under the couch cover to keep you warm. We will try to keep undressing to a bare (!) minimum. If you would like to, you are welcome to bring a clean towel to lie on, but this isn't necessary.

The contactless payment limit has been increased so we would appreciate it if you could pay by card.

Even with all these procedures in place it is impossible to guarantee that there would be no risk of potentially spreading the virus. We will do everything we can, but it is also up to you to decide whether you feel safe enough to come in.

We will be asking everyone to sign a consent form:
  • I understand that there is a risk of transmission of Covid-19 as a result of attending the clinic.
  • I agree that Alison/Merlin cannot accept responsibility for transmission of Covid-19 should I become infected, provided they have followed all infection control guidelines.
  • I understand that Alison/Merlin will let me know if they have any symptoms of, or a positive test for, Covid-19.
  • I agree to let Alison/Merlin know if I have any symptoms of, or a positive test for Covid-19.
  • I understand that Alison/Merlin will pass on my details should they be contacted by NHS test and trace.
  • I have had the chance to ask all the questions I wish to at this time.

The website will be updated regularly and you can also follow us on Facebook @alisonodochartaighosteopath.

Osteopaths spend at least 4 years training to be able to safely assess your whole body in order to find and treat areas of tension and restriction that may be affecting your body's ability to function at it's best. Osteopathy focuses on the self-healing ability of the body.

Treatment techniques may include massage, mobilisation, manipulation and gentle, subtle cranial osteopathic techniques depending on the individual person.

Alison has 19 years experience of using gentle osteopathic techniques, including Cranial Osteopathy to treat a broad range of individuals, including pregnant women, children and babies (and horses and dogs).
As well as her BSc (Hons.) Osteopathic Medicine, Alison has completed all 10 postgraduate modules, including ones in Paediatric Osteopathy, and is now a Fellow of the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy (SCCO).

Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy can be beneficial in the treatment of:
- aches & pains.
- headaches.
- difficulties relaxing.
- shoulder & elbow pain arising from associated musculoskeletal conditions of the back & neck.
- joint pains & arthritic pains including hip & knee pain.
- general, acute & chronic backache/pain.
- sciatica.
- prevention of migraine.
- minor sports injuries.
- postural problems caused by driving, work strain or pregnancy.

If you would like more information on how osteopathy and/or cranial osteopathy may be able to help you please phone or text us on 07789 518356 or e-mail or follow me on Facebook.